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Joanna Wróblewska

Creatief therapeut

Eduard van Steenbergenlaan 46, benedenverdieping (links)

2100 Deurne (Antwerpen)


IMPORTANT! Please contact me via email to receive more information about expressive arts therapy and my services in English, Polish, German, Spanish, or Dutch. To all my future clients, I offer a 30min. free online consultation in a chosen language.


The World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that artistic expression plays an integral part in how we communicate, express emotions, build relationships, and recover from difficult life experiences. Arts offer us a unique opportunity to build resources, face the difficult, and integrate new knowledge about ourselves. This restorative power of the arts is one of the most important aspects of expressive arts therapy.

What Is Expressive Arts Therapy?

It is an art-oriented practice combining psychotherapeutic approaches with our natural ability to express. In the expressive arts therapy different forms of expression (e.g. visual arts, movement, sound, storytelling, or even silence) come into play to stimulate imagination and allow people to connect with their needs, restore, and heal.

What to Expect?

I often work with people who have experienced migration and those who search for a place of belonging in this world (e.g. clients going through a major transition). With 700+ hours of therapeutic experience with people of diverse cultural, social and professional backgrounds, I specialize in deep trauma-informed, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary therapeutic work. To my clients, I offer an inclusive, non-judgemental, and inviting space of belonging, in which they can relax, restore, and heal.

Each session is accustomed to the individual needs of my clients with respect to their background and preferences. That can include breath-work, simple relaxation techniques, guided imagery, gentle movement, play with rhythms and/or music, as well as visual arts.

During sessions, I will support you through the creative process with my presence, art-making invitations, and nourishing feedback. Your openness and curiosity will be just enough to begin with!

Possible Benefits

  • Increases self-knowledge and self-awareness
  • Helps to set healthy boundaries
  • Increases physical, mental, and emotional flexibility
  • Helps to deal with difficult experiences
  • Decreases anxiety and prevents burn-out
  • Supports coping mechanisms and builds resilience
  • Helps to discover new resources
  • Promotes openness to new experiences
  • Teaches healthy habits
  • Stimulates creativity and feeds imagination
  • Brings restoration, comfort, and inner calm
  • Helps to find a place of belonging

Primary contact only by email: zie contactformulier onderaan.

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Praktische informatie


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Bereikbaar met openbaar vervoer Dicht bij trein station Dicht bij bushalte


In de therapiepraktijk Therapie over het internet Therapie via video call (Skype, Zoom e.a.) Therapie via e-mail


Individuele therapie Groepstherapie Begeleiding in een bedrijf of vereniging


Engels Pools Duits Spaans Nederlands


Woensdag, evtl. donderdag in Antwerpen
Maandag, woensdag, en vrijdag online



Prijs voor een consult

89€ / 90 min
69€ / 60 min

*Ik bied lagere prijzen aan mensen in een moeilijke situatie, dus neem contact op voor meer informatie.

Duur van de sessie

90 of 60 min


Master in Grafisch Ontwerp (5 jarige kunst opleiding)
Doctoraat in Beeldende Kunst (4 jarige kunst opleiding)
Master in Expressieve Arts Therapy (3 jarige therapie opleiding)
Trauma-informed Expressive Arts Therapy Level 1 & 2
Trauma-informed Culturally Responsive Expressive Arts Therapy
Certificate in Somatic Embodiment and Regulation Strategies
Trauma Treatment Through Art Therapy (TT-AT)
Docentenopleiding Yoga Nidra (diepe ontspanning)
volledig individueel lid van EFAT (European Federation of Art Therapy)


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Eduard van Steenbergenlaan 46, benedenverdieping (links)

2100 Deurne (Antwerpen)